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14:54 minutes Happy Pride!

Elayne Wylie-Weichers is the Director of Outreach of Seattle Out & Proud and although she has always been the beautiful, smart and talented Elayne on the inside, she used to look a lot different on the outside. Listen to her story as someone that was assigned male gender at birth, and was raised to be male.

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2:00 minutes Stories from Detroit: The Chrysler Superbowl Commercial.

Red's friend Amber is a Detroit native and has more stories of awesome than she knows what to do with....In the latest chapter, Amber gives some insight on what Chrysler left out.

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6:51 minutes Red interviews Jason Schwartzman

Red chats up Jason about his latest character's drinking problem, stunning costars (Zach Galifinakis), loofahs, lyrics, why he doesn't want to tour and hot PI moves.

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8:22 minutes Red interviews Dan Rosenberg

Red chats up Dan about nursing home pitfalls, earthquakes, star tours and of course his comedy show at Laughs in Kirkland.

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4:24 minutes Red interviews Joi Hollie.

Red chats up Joi Hollie about awkward congrats, puking on planes and knowing when to cash in those chips.

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2:08 minutes Red interviews Mark Hoppus....finally.

Red chats up Mark about crying, trust walks and awkward hypotheticals.

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4:09 minutes Red instudio with Dace's RocknMore Music Academy

Kids that have a little rocknroll in their life are proven to be more radical as grown ups. its true. Dace's RocknMore Music Academy is accomplishing that one student at a time.

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6:28 minutes Red Interviews Justin Henderson.

Red chats up Justin about his new book, "Grunge Seattle"...a travel book of sorts that allows you to relive Seattle's sweet spot in music history.

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16:28 minutes Red Interviews Chunk.

Red chats up her old classmate Jeff Cohen aka "Chunk" about being a Goonie, a practical joke on Corey Feldman that involves Michael Jackson and a pair of blue-blockers, a Goonies remake and whether or not he brings the truffle shuffle in the bedroom.

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4:20 minutes Red Interviews Eugene Hertz of Gogol Bordello

Red chats up Eugene about passionate biters, fluff and the romance of being a balloon.

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harms and Nikko "The President Of The End" flew to Los Angeles to broadcast backstage at the Grammys!


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Silversun Pickups Endsession

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