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0:15 minutes Jordin Silver - "Duck Tour gets the last QUACK!"

who knew this would be true?!?! They are always packed though!

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0:19 minutes Jordin Silver - "Breathe in..breathe out"

then listen to this local fact!

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0:25 minutes Jordin Silver - "It stopped the world today..and ended up being a LOG!"

I'll take any excuse to use this audio!

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0:29 minutes Jordin Silver - "Who the F*** is Taylor Hicks?"

and why is he so rude to his Seattle fans?

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0:22 minutes Real World Casting Call!

"omg kelly is drunk again! what a whore!"

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0:21 minutes Homeless Recycling

In WA you can recycle VIRTUALLY everything....VIRTUALLY...NOT EVERYTHING

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0:26 minutes Weird Flight

Layovers are supposed to save you money, right? Well.....this ticket was cheap, but check out the specifics of it. NOT WORTH the money you would save!

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